Become a member of the National Liberal Club
– a place of political debate,
discussion, arts and culture

Why you should join the NLC

Becoming a member of the National Liberal Club offers you great networking opportunities to make new friends and business contacts with members from diverse backgrounds and professions. The NLC is also the international home of Liberalism, and one of London’s most inclusive clubs – a place of political debate, discussion, arts and culture.

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We believe in building a diverse membership of people from all backgrounds. Our standard annual membership cost is £983.90 with a £200 one-off joining fee for people living and working within 70 miles of Central London. There are separate rates for our junior members (under 30), overseas members and joint membership.

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With an NLC membership you get:

  • Access to one of the most historic clubhouses in the UK, right in the heart of London.
  • The perfect location for remote working, with desk space and super-fast broadband network.
  • A dynamic location in which to socialise, with events held each week, and 50+ internal groups to join that cover a wide range of topics and interests.
  • A wide range of club facilities including a Lounge with business facilities, Bar, Dining Room and Terrace and Snooker Room
  • Access to 350+ reciprocal clubs around the world, including 40 in the UK and 5 in London.
  • Attend a range of events held throughout the year, covering politics, pro-European/EU celebrations, traditional celebrations like Burns Night, Bastille Day, Oktoberfest, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and many more.

How to become a member

True to our mission of being the most inclusive club in London, the NLC welcomes all enquiries. Contact us below to setup a tour of the Club where you can learn more about becoming a member and life at the NLC.

Our proud Liberal history


Founded in 1882 by Liberal Prime Minister William Gladstone, the purpose of the
National Liberal Club was to be a bastion for Liberal politics in the UK.
In 1976 the NLC became the first major London private club to admit women and,
today, is proud to continue to strive for an ethnically and socially diverse membership.

Political Members and Members

The NLC’s Liberal focus remains at its heart to this day. Political membership gives you the right to vote on matters that inform the future direction of the Club and ensure the Liberal ethos continues in perpetuity. You don’t need to be a member of any political party to become a political member, all we ask is that you declare you are Liberal in your politics. For anyone wishing to join without becoming a Political Member, all we ask is that you won’t use the club premises for any activities that are harmful to the cause of Liberalism.

Becoming a member not only includes you in the ranks of famous members such as H. G. Wells, Violet Bonham Carter, William Gladstone and Andrew Carnegie, but it also offers the opportunity to take advantage of our club facilities in one of the finest clubhouses in the UK, including London’s largest private terrace with vistas overlooking the Thames, our grand collection of high-ceilinged club rooms, or Europe’s largest unsupported marble staircase.

Club rules

Like most private members’ clubs we have a dress code to ensure we retain the ambience and traditions of our surroundings, though in true Liberal fashion we have tried to make this as light as possible, and frame our dress code as dress advice. Similarly, to ensure that all of our members enjoy their club, we have made some broad rules to provide a level of experience for everyone.