Become a Member

Who can become a member

We have members, who form the majority in the Club, and political members. You don’t need to be a member of any political party to be a political member: all we ask is that you can declare you are a Liberal in your politics. Or, as a member, that you won’t use the Club premises for any activities that are harmful to the cause of Liberalism. Political members and members are broadly alike, but political members have extra places on the Club’s Members’ Council which represents the whole membership, and extra voting rights at AGMs.

Why you should become a member

Becoming a member not only includes you in the ranks of famous members old and new such as Winston Churchill, William Gladstone and Mary Robinson, but it also offers the opportunity to take advantage of our unrivalled facilities right in the heart of London. Boasting some of the Capital’s finest Victorian architecture, whether it’s London’s largest private terrace overlooking the Thames, the grand collection of high-ceilinged club rooms, or the opulence of Europe’s largest unsupported marble staircase. The Club has a vibrant and active social calendar with a host of annual events. There are also plenty of Clubs and Groups to join, where like-minded members meet to share their special interests.

  • Access to one of London’s finest clubhouses situated in the heart of London
  • The opportunity to network and socialise with a diverse range of groups and individuals
  • The opportunity to visit and enjoy over 250 associated clubs around the world
  • The chance to invite friends, family and colleagues as guests to join you at the club
  • A wide range of club facilities including Billiards Room, Lounge with business facilities, Bar, Dining Room and Terrace
  • A diverse annual programme of events including talks with guest speakers, cultural trips and social gatherings
  • An exciting mix of member-led clubs and circles that bring together like minded people with a range of interests and pursuits
  • The ability to host private events and hire function rooms for personal use

We believe in building a diverse membership of people from all backgrounds. Our membership costs are structured to take into account differing personal circumstances and we offer related concessions that aim to make membership accessible to all. Please select the membership types from the list to view our subscription costs.

Town Members

Cost for members that live within 70 miles of London or work within 20 miles of London:
Annual Subscription – £888
Joining Fee – £200

Country Members

Members that live over 70 miles from London and do not work within 20 miles of London benefit from slightly reduced rates:
Annual Subscription – £599
Joining Fee – £200

Overseas Members

Overseas Members pay 1st full year abroad thereafter – 67.5% of Town subscription
2nd full consecutive year abroad – 67.5% of Town subscription
3rd full consecutive year abroad – 67.5% of Town subscription
4th full consecutive year abroad, and each consecutive year thereafter – 25% of Town subscription (provided they remain a full time resident abroad):
Annual Subscription (first year) – £888
Annual Subscription (second year) – £599.40
Annual Subscription (after 5 years) – £222
Joining Fee – £200

Joint Membership

Joint Membership is available for all couples, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or marital status:
Annual Subscription (for two) – £1332
Joining Fee – £200

Lifetime Membership

Lifetime Membership is available from the age of 30 – rates available upon request. Please contact the membership team for more details.

Junior membership is available to people between the ages of 17- 29. Junior members benefit from no joining fee and a substantially reduced annual subscription. Please refer to the following table for the full range of annual junior membership subscriptions. Costs are based on the maximum age you will be in the year you join. Town membership is based upon whether you live within 70 miles of London or work within 20 miles of London and Country membership is based on whether you live over 70 miles outside of London and do not work within 20 miles of London.

17- 21

Town – £99.75
Country – £75


Town – £177.60
Country – £119.80


Town – £266.40
Country – £179.70


Town – £355.20
Country – £239.60


Town – £444
Country – £299.50


Town – £532.80
Country – £359.40


Town – £621.60
Country – £419.30


Town – £710.40
Country – £479.20


Town – £799.20
Country – £539.10

Lifetime Membership is available from the age of 30 – rates available upon request. Please contact the membership team for more details. 

Become a Member

Join our growing membership today and become part of one of the most diverse, welcoming and inclusive club’s in London. Membership is open to all regardless of age or background, we just ask that you don’t use the club for any purpose that is against the cause of Liberalism. Apply today and find your new home from home.

Club Rules

To ensure that all of our members enjoy their club, we have made some broad rules to provide a level of experience for everyone. In the true spirit of Liberalism we have tried to keep these as light as possible.