Richard Cobourne

How did I get here? 15 years at the BBC, then three decades running my own marketing, events, and production company. Today I’m a full-time writer – with a crime thriller trilogy set in the world of showbiz, having worked in the business-of-show all over the world.

I hope that joining the Club’s Members’ Council will allow me to contribute a combination of sound business acumen with creative solutions to some of the challenges facing us.

I was pleased to learn that my modest protest at being forced to wear a jacket despite sweltering summer heat in the Dining Room helped to trigger the latest dress code reforms agreed at the recent AGM. Thank you. Similar rules applied for all sexes and ethnicities seems a good start.

My past publications include The History of Contraception, The Cardio-Protective Effect of Wine and many more. I live with my wife, Sue, in the beautiful Wye Valley and Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands, visiting London frequently. (Richard joined the Club in 2022 and was elected to the Members’ Council in 2023.)