Matt Raven


tel: 020 7930 9871

I grew up in rural Norfolk and Lincolnshire which developed a hunger for travel and city life, although I seemed to spend endless summer holidays working on family farms which I enjoyed enormously.

I soon found working more exciting than studying, which suited my personality and aspirations and still does. I trained at the Cumberland Hotel in London, starting at the age of 17, working as a chef, a waiter, and then moving finally into management.

My work has taken me from stunning boutique hotels in the Cotswolds to exclusive members’ golfing estates… from Calcot Manor through Luton Hoo to, most recently, Brocket Hall, where I worked alongside our new Head Chef, Jon Oates, for five years. My ambition for the NLC would be to enable our members and guests to enjoy the best of 2020s-style food and service while still remaining loyal to the values and traditions of this historic Club.

In my spare time, I have a passion for sports, especially Formula 1 and soccer, and for playing golf — though I have a high handicap! I also love travel, the Caribbean being a favourite area, and trying different culinary specialities in the process.