Lyndsey Jones

A lifelong journalist, I spent a large part of my career transforming the Financial Times newsroom from print to digital and then went on to set up my own company, iCalami, to help other media companies round the world to change their operations to drive revenue and growth.

I focus on change management, audience and content strategies to acquire, engage and retain diverse audiences and build online communities. Shortly after setting up my business in 2021, I joined the National Liberal Club not only to have a work base in central London but also as a place to meet old friends and make new ones.

A former executive editor at the FT, I joined the Marketing and Communications Committee to help with attracting and retaining members. My career experience also inspired me to write the business education book Going Digital: What it takes for smoother transformationsWith my skills and background, I will aim to add value by helping the Club develop its digital strategy.

In my spare time, I enjoy mountain biking, fringe theatre and long walks.

(Lyndsey joined the Club in 2022 and became a Director in 2023)