Lord (David) Chidgey

As a Chartered Consulting Engineer and Associate Partner with a London-based practice, I spent 20 years developing and directing major projects in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. I was Chief Advisor in the creation of the Dublin Transport Authority and directed the design and reconstruction of 300 km of Guinea’s national route N1, and the doubling
of the 80 km piped water supply to the capital, Conakry.

My early engineering career began with the Admiralty, where I trained and graduated as a mechanical engineer. From there, I moved to Hampshire County Council and into civil engineering, graduating at what became Portsmouth University.

In 1994, I won the Eastleigh by-election for the Liberal Democrats, retaining the seat at two subsequent general elections until I retired in 2005 and entered the House of Lords as Lord Chidgey of Hamble-le-Rice, whose village pubs I first discovered as a student. (Lord Chidgey joined the Club in 1994 and was elected to Gen Cttee in 2014)