Kate Birch

A member of the Club’s Marketing & Communications Committee, I also co-chair the Literary Circle and am on the NLC’s Diversity and Art Collection Working Groups. I publish inksweatandtears.co.uk – an online poetry and prose magazine with a small print section which has seen several pamphlets shortlisted for major poetry awards.

I sit on the board of Poetry School, described as the UK’s largest provider of poetry education and ‘inspiring tuition’, and also support small-scale theatre productions, poetry scholarships and projects.

Am currently working with writer development agency Spread the Word and academics from Glasgow University on the Runaways Project, which involves creative responses from Black and South Asian writers and artists to adverts published in London in the Restoration period to help trace runaway slaves. Few are even aware that slavery was practised in the UK. (Kate joined the Club in 2008 and was elected to Gen Cttee in 2018)