Karin Rehacek

I took over as Chair of the Club last January on the resignation of Tim McNally and was then elected unopposed in June. I aim to attend all NLC Members’ Council, committee and working group meetings and also sit on the Board of NLC Limited, chairing the Staffing Group.

I am heavily involved in many of our varied social events and am particularly pro- active in helping the Membership Committee drive our membership initiative.

My objectives over the coming months are to continue to grow the membership of the Club, to ensure the elected Members’ Council work together, harmoniously, with the same Club objectives, and to continue to meet and speak with as many of our members as possible.

I am also Secretary of the Shooting Club (which I co-founded), Chair of the German Circle and was instrumental in setting up the NLC Women’s Network, and the popular Tuesday and Thursday Table.

Now retired, I spent more than three decades as a Human Resources professional within the international financial services industry in the City. The only child of immigrant parents (mother a refugee, father a prisoner of war), I am proud of my German and Eastern European heritage.

When not in the Club I care for my mother, who is now in her 90s, and Teddy, her Lhasa Apso Hidden Disability Assistance Dog.(Karin joined the Club in 2013 and was elected to the General Committee, now the Members’ Council, in 2015, becoming Vice-Chair in 2021.)