Gillian Travers

As  a graduate in English and History from Trinity College, Dublin, I smiled to hear that T.S.Eliot called the National Liberal Club’s Thames-side Terrace the best terrace in London. Eliot was, of course, correct! I grew up in Dublin, moving to London in the mid-1980s and have worked in the UK criminal justice system as a solicitor ever since.

I have watched the Circles and Forums covering so many different interests in the Club expand in breadth and in numbers and and support the Irish Circle in particular. I am bowled over by the Club’s huge increase in membership achieved in recent years. Although not a Political member, I nevertheless support the liberal values of the Club and very much welcome its diversity.

I was previously a member of the General Committee but have been less active in the last few years due to other pressing commitments. I look forward to a productive year, supporting Karin Rehacek in all her endeavours in her role as Club Chair. (Gillian joined the Club in 2009 and was elected to the Members’ Council in 2023.)