Emma Moore

A senior criminologist and human rights advocate with more than 15 years’ experience, I have managed more than 500 people and multiple programmes. I’ve worked with Ofgem, the gas and electricity regulator, on ways to improve how it operates.

The key skills I hope to bring to the Board as a recently-appointed Director are a keen understanding of governance and risk. A long-term driver of change in the civil service, I pride myself on an ability to introduce change to older institutions, while retaining core functions.

At the NLC, I founded and chair the Club’s Sustainability Forum, am its representative to the Gold Alliance (Under 40s European Interclub network), One Young World Ambassador, and an Executive MBA candidate. I’m passionate about reaching the Sustainable Development Goals, and making the Club more successful by working towards increased diversity and  inclusivity.

Among my other interests are sustainable fashion, ballroom dancing and cocktail making. (Emma joined the Club in 2019 and became a Director in 2022)