Chris Hallworth

As the Club’s new Art Curator I’m responsible for our collection of paintings, on behalf of the Trustees. Ensuring these are kept in good condition, displayed to best advantage and represent the NLC’s rich Liberal history are all part of the brief.

I studied English Literature and Classical Art at Trinity College, Dublin, where I developed a great interest in the Renaissance  and Neo-Classicism. Art remains a vital part of my life although I now work in a very different field, including IT project management and website technology.

Outside work, I support the NLC Irish Circle and am a passionate follower of horse racing, as well as having broad interests in the arts, politics and military history. For me the Club provides an unparalleled opportunity to make friends or connections and I was especially pleased to organise in 2021 a picnic for members in the gardens of Buckingham Palace. (Chris joined the Club in 2019 and was appointed Art Curator in 2022)