Richard Cobourne

How did I get here? 15 years at the BBC, then three decades running my own marketing, events, and production company. Today I’m a full-time writer – with a crime thriller trilogy set in the world of showbiz, having worked in the business-of-show all over the world.

I hope that joining the Club’s Members’ Council will allow me to contribute a combination of sound business acumen with creative solutions to some of the challenges facing us.

I was pleased to learn that my modest protest at being forced to wear a jacket despite sweltering summer heat in the Dining Room helped to trigger the latest dress code reforms agreed at the recent AGM. Thank you. Similar rules applied for all sexes and ethnicities seems a good start.

My past publications include The History of Contraception, The Cardio-Protective Effect of Wine and many more. I live with my wife, Sue, in the beautiful Wye Valley and Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands, visiting London frequently. (Richard joined the Club in 2022 and was elected to the Members’ Council in 2023.)

Alex Youel

A business consultant specialising in everything ‘membership’ I’m now mostly retired but still interested in aspects of tourism and heritage (nearly 30 years’ senior experience with the National Trust), the environment (six years at the Peak District
National Park), natural history and bird watching, in particular.

At the NLC, I previously served on the General Committee, chaired the Marketing & Communications Committee, and sat on the Membership and Beer, Wine and Spirits
Committees. After a year away from all that, I’m excited to once again be part of the active life of our Club and keen to help it thrive.

Outside Clubland I’m a baritone with Wimbledon Choral, piano accompanist to the Lantern Arts Choir (based in Raynes Park) and a singer/pianist with the Big Heart Band, singing lustily in care homes in Wimbledon and throughout SW London, whether the residents like it or not.… (they usually do, though). I also chair Pentire, the unofficial association for retired former staff of the National Trust. (Alex joined the Club in 2004, was elected to the General Commmittee from 2019-22
and to its successor, the Members’ Council, in 2023.)

Gillian Travers

As  a graduate in English and History from Trinity College, Dublin, I smiled to hear that T.S.Eliot called the National Liberal Club’s Thames-side Terrace the best terrace in London. Eliot was, of course, correct! I grew up in Dublin, moving to London in the mid-1980s and have worked in the UK criminal justice system as a solicitor ever since.

I have watched the Circles and Forums covering so many different interests in the Club expand in breadth and in numbers and and support the Irish Circle in particular. I am bowled over by the Club’s huge increase in membership achieved in recent years. Although not a Political member, I nevertheless support the liberal values of the Club and very much welcome its diversity.

I was previously a member of the General Committee but have been less active in the last few years due to other pressing commitments. I look forward to a productive year, supporting Karin Rehacek in all her endeavours in her role as Club Chair. (Gillian joined the Club in 2009 and was elected to the Members’ Council in 2023.)

Havard Hughes

My first memories of the NLC are from the 1980s when I can remember being taken there by my mother as she attended Lib Dem committee meetings. Today I’m the founder and CEO of a City consultancy, but I began my career as an adviser to Vince Cable when he was an MP, later becoming Campaign Director at the Electoral Reform. I then joined the Financial Services Authority as a regulator after the financial Crash.

For those like me, without a fixed base in London, the NLC is a haven and a home from home, with huge opportunities to foster an expanded country membership among the burgeoning remote working community.

A local councillor and campaigner, I’m active in my local community in West Wales, living on the family smallholding in Carmarthenshire with my wife, Genevieve, where I practice the fine Gladstonian tradition of tree-felling and tree planting both to keep fit and keep our home carbon neutral. (Havard joined the NLC in 2013 and was elected to the Members’ Council in 2023.)

David de Freitas

The vast range of events and activities available at the NLC is something I relish, especially the many high-quality musical concerts staged at the Club. I also greatly value the cultural diversity of our growing membership.

I am honoured to lead the team who assess how we deal with complaints between members, where my aim will always be to seek mediation and conciliation as the preferred way of resolving disputes.Those duties preclude me seeking any prominent public role in Club life but I will certainly have no qualms about making my voice heard in the Members’ Council and will speak up to protect the crucial independence of our complaints process.

The ability to dance is something I have always admired. I took up latin and ballroom dancing some years ago and would love to develop a ‘Strictly’ Circle at the Club: we certainly have the elegant spaces for it! (David joined the Club in 2016 and was elected to the Members’ Council in 2023)

Nahuel Marisi

I am a freelance software engineer working mainly on mobile apps and web development. I grew up in Argentina before moving to the UK to study History at the University of York and later Computer Science at UCL. I’ve previously lived in London for 10 years and travel there frequently to visit family, friends and, of course, the Club.

I sit on the Membership and the Marketing and Communications Committees and am joint Vice Chair of the latter. I’ve also been a regular contributor to the Reciprocal Clubs Working Group, signing up suitable clubs mainly in Latin America and Spain.

I hope to work on achieving more personalised feedback from members and strongly believe that leads to better decisions. Members’ thoughts and experiences are crucial in understanding what works and what can be improved.

I currently live in picturesque Stockholm with my partner Emma and two sons. (Nahuel joined the Club in 2017 and was elected to the Members’ Council in 2022)

Harley Ludlow (they/them)

Moving from my home in Belfast to study Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Goldsmiths College in London was no easy feat but, since joining the NLC four years ago, I’ve become enthralled with the diversity, character and welcoming atmosphere of the Club – and can say from the heart that I have found a real home here.

As a supporter and campaigner for the Liberal Democrats I was drawn to the NLC by its history. The Club has a longstanding record of being at the forefront of diversity and I am a regular at the LGBTQ+ Forum’s monthly socials held every month.

As probably the youngest person on the Members’ Council, I want to represent and strengthen the voice of the 20% of younger Club members and I look forward to providing a fresh set of ideas to foster a better deal for us!

In my professional life, I work in sales as a partner with Utility Warehouse, a company that helps people save money on their everyday utilities. (Harley joined the Club in 2019 and was elected to the Members’ Council in 2022)

Tim Layton

I have run my own catering business, and provided food and hospitality for the BBC, well-known universities and top football clubs. I already serve on our Board of Directors, seeking to help ensure the cuisine at the NLC, a crucial area of Club life, is among the best in Clubland.

I’d like to see more openness and transparency in the way our Club functions, and I hope we can foster stronger links between the Members’ Council and the Board… working more closely together to keep the club afloat and restore the NLC to

I love music and am a former chorister at Salisbury Cathedral and the BBC Symphony Chorus. I’m an active member of our musical partners, the Kettner Society, which stages memorable concerts at our Club. I’ve organised some of these
and would love us to offer a wider range of musical events – from classical to jazz and beyond. Suggestions, please! (Tim joined the Club in 2017 and the Members’s Council in June 2022)

James Brown

After a brief dalliance in high finance, I’ve spent most of my working life in secondary education — teaching History and American Government, and then as Head of a private school. My worst decision: only selecting Frank Lampard for the Under-12s soccer ‘B’ team. He went on to win more than a hundred caps for England.

I’m proud to have helped train more than 2,000 state school teachers to become qualified Mental Health First Aiders… equipping people with the skills they need to support their own and others’ wellbeing. I spoke at COP26 about climate anxiety
among young people.

As Vice Chair of the Club’s Commonwealth Forum, I’ve helped organise highly enjoyable visits to countries including Canada, Cyprus, India and Malta.

You may hear me making the announcements on some London Underground lines: hopefully, I can contribute more in this new role than just advising Club members to “Stand clear of the doors.”  (James first joined the Club in 2008 and was elected to the Members’ Council in

Inderjeet Singh Nijhar

I chair the Club’s Political & Economic Circle and am a member of several others.
I have been involved in many community and business start-ups since the 1980s, and have had a diverse professional career as one of the youngest CEOs to lead a housing association, and as Executive Director of the homeless charity, Centrepoint.

Elected a councillor in 1994, I worked as a civil servant in the PM’s Strategy Unit on formulating national policy under Tony Blair and the Tory-Lib Dem Coalition. I have also held posts at both Capita and PwC. I chaired the national commemoration, based at the House of Lords, of those from the British ‘Empire’ who fought in both World Wars.

I am a passionate foodie, and a big fan of the Italian home-sourced olive oil now available in our Clubhouse! (Inderjeet joined the Club in 2017 and was elected to what is now the Members’ Council in 2020).