Lawrence Robson Room

The Lawrence Robson room is the NLC’s Boardroom making it ideal for smaller corporate and business meetings. The primary feature of the room is the large solid wood table which comfortably seats up to 12 in traditional Boardroom style.

The Lawrence Robson Room is named in honour of Sir Lawrence Robson (1904-1982), an accountant and Liberal politician, who saved the club from closure during a particularly difficult period in the 1970s. Sir Lawrence was a founder of the accountancy firm Robson Rhodes (which subsequently merged into the present-day Grant Thornton), was a former President of the Liberal Party, and unsuccessfully stood for Parliament twice.

Works of art on display in the room include an oil portrait of Liberal Leader Sir Archibald Sinclair – a close friend and ally of Winston Churchill who served in his wartime Cabinet as Air Minister – and a pencil sketch of Prime Minister Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman.