Author’s Club Lunch with Arifa Akbar

Author's Club Lunch with Arifa Akbar


Author’s Club Lunch with Arifa Akbar

12:30 pm - 3:00 pm

The Author’s Club Lunch provides members with the rare opportunity to hear a distinguished writer discuss their work. This month’s guest author is Arifa Akbar who will be discussing her powerful first book, Consumed

When Arifa Akbar discovered that her sister had fallen seriously ill, she assumed there would be a brief spell in hospital and then she’d be home. This was not to be. It was not until the day before she died that the family discovered she was suffering from tuberculosis. 

Consumed is a story of sisterhood, grief, the redemptive power of art and the strange mythologies that surround tuberculosis. It takes us from Keats’s deathbed and the tubercular women of opera to the resurgence of TB in modern Britain today. Full details here >>

£30 – includes talk and two-course lunch


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