SUCHING – Royal Klang Club


The Royal Klang Club was founded in 1901, at the present location, for the purpose of the social and recreational activities of the colonial members mainly British and European civil servants and businessmen. The Club continues to offer an extensive array of sporting facilities with cricket, tennis, table-tennis, squash and swimming available along with an impressive roster of other services and amenities.

KUALA LUMPUR – Royal Commonwealth Society of Malaysia


The Royal Commonwealth Society of Malaysia recognises the need to promote democracy and good governance, equal stands for justice, respect for human rights and the rule of law. The Society agrees that sustainable environmental, economic and social development are issues all of us should be concerned with.

As Voluntary Members of the Society, the Commonwealth’s members work together, where possible, in a spirit of cooperation, partnership and understanding. Underlying the work of The Royal Commonwealth Society of Malaysia is a belief, that an understanding of the ideals of the Commonwealth is the key to creating successful, harmonious and multi-cultural societies across Malaysia and the world.

KUALA LUMPUR – Royal Lake Club Kuala Lumpur

Founded in 1890, the Club is centrally located in Kuala Lumpur amidst the luscious and green Lake Gardens in the shadow of Parliament. Recreation and dining facilities include tennis, squash and badminton courts, aerobics room, gym, two swimming pools, billiards room, library, theatre, cigar room, barbershop, hair salon, beauty salon, garden café, bar, casual and formal dining. Open 7 days a week. Letter of introduction required. Guests allowed.

KUCHING – Sarawak Club


Established in 1876,the Sarawak Club is situated atop one of the highest points in the heart of Kuching City. Facilities include tennis and squash courts, basketball court, swimming pool and terrace, a steam bath, and a gym. The restaurant specialises in Chinese delicacies, the bar offers casual dining. Open 7 days a week. Letter of introduction and NLC membership card.

PENANG – Penang Club

Founded in 1868, the current Clubhouse was built in 1964. The Club is located  on the seafront in the centre of Georgetown.

SEREMBAN- Royal Sungei Ujong Club

Founded 1887 by British Government representatives and planters, this exclusive Club is the 2nd oldest in West Malaysia and still caters largely to the “crème de la crème”.