BUENOS AIRES – Club del Progreso


More than 160 years ago, a group of inspired and enlightened citizens of Buenos Aires founded the Club del Progreso at a time when the country was going through a difficult stage in its history. This has resulted in the Club del Progreso being closely linked to the political, social and cultural life of Argentina.

BUENOS AIRES – Círculo Militar


The Circle is an association of military officers of the Argentine Army. It was founded in 1880 under the name of the Military Club. The Círculo Militar is one of the most beautiful buildings in Buenos Aires, it was built as the mansion of the Paz family, the owners of the newspaper La Prensa.

Most rooms are reminiscent of the Palace of Versailles, especially the bedrooms and the gold-and-white music hall with an ornate parquet floor and windows overlooking the plaza. Other rooms are in the Tudor style, and the Presidential Room, where men would retreat for political conversation.

The most impressive room is the round Hall of Honour, which sits under an interior rotunda and even has a balconied second level overlooking a stage. It was a private mini-opera house, covered in multi-coloured marble and gilded bronze, used now for conferences.