RIYADH – Library House Club


The Story of the Library House starts centuries ago on the Arabian Peninsula, where intellectual and inquisitive thinkers and merchants traveled about, eager to meet other like-minded travellers.

During their journey, they would stop at gathering houses meeting with others to gain a sense of direction, a collective meeting of the minds, souls, and cultures where stories were shared and wisdom was imparted.

The Library House is our gift to carry on that ancient tradition in a crowded and fast world, where executives and professionals seek a safe haven to enjoy the privacy they need and to quench their thirst for a new and creative experience to rid them from limited choices and take them away from the clamour and the crowds.

Whether it was for business meetings, expanding intellectual horizons, building a new network or simply sit and relax in a luxury, friendly atmosphere after a long day, let The House be your retreat, a world far away, reclusive and exquisite.