PORT ELIZABETH – St. George’s Club


For many years, from 1866 until 1892, the original club was known as the Port Elizabeth Club and was the only such club in the city. It was, however, in 1892 that a second club, the St George’s Club was founded and this was essentially for the younger generation of rising businessmen. The two clubs ran successfully for many years, but eventually, due to economic circumstances, it was decided for the two clubs to amalgamate. In 1998 the St George’s Club joined the Port Elizabeth Club in the premises of the latter and the new name for the club became the Port Elizabeth St George’s Club, generally known as ‘The Club’

“The Club” at 12 Bird Street, Port Elizabeth, welcomes  members, and also the public, to visit and enjoy the Club’s facilities, which include a bar and restaurant, as well as function rooms.