GALICIA – Casino Ferrolano Tennis Club


In 1850 a group of people took the initiative to form a Society, in order to promote culture, social gatherings and have a place to share idle time, La Tertulia de Confianza. Over the years it changes its name to Casino Ferrolano. The Club occupies 5 floors with  spaces dedicated to leisure and culture and includes a cafeteria and several dining rooms, library, table games room, billiards room, TV room, hairdressing service, podiatry, masseuse, workshop of crafts, as well as a gym for the development of Pilates courses.

In 1983 the merger with the Ferrol Tennis Club was carried out, giving rise to the current Ferrolano-Tennis Club Casino. In its facilities there are 3 tennis courts and 3 paddle tennis courts, playground, swimming pool for adults and children, solarium, as well as cafeteria, restaurant, lounge and TV room.