CASTILE & LEON – Círculo de la Unión de Burgos


The Club was founded more than 130 years ago (in 1881) and in 1955 it was awarded the Gold Medal of the City. It regularly hosts cultural and artistic events, such as: dances, excursions, concerts, theatre and folklore performances, film exhibition afternoons, conferences and social cafes, contests, fashion shows, painting exhibitions, billiards, briscola and auction championships, dinners, snacks with a show, children’s parties, Sunday lunches, and in recent years dance and Pilates classes.

There is also a large library, open 9am – 11pm which is used not only for reading all the national press and books, but also as a study room. The Club also enjoys recitals and book presentations, along with tributes to the queens of the Casas Regionales and Peñas in the city and parties in the casino.